Best & Worst dressed up at the 2014 Teen selection Awards: Nina Dobrev, Taylor blue-belly, Shay Arthur Mitchell & More!

Let's get at the beginning of the road: basically, everyone was wearing about eccentric of craw top "teen choice awards" in 2014.
It may be the fact that summer comprises just about over and soon celebrities know that they must abandon these diaphragm shirts because a few months. Regardless of the reason on the blue carpet flooded with sets of clothes.
Our favorite? Nina Dobrev on listed gay vionit, Taylor Swift, a refreshing green tea and Mitchell in the white hot - therefore resemble something that Kim Kardashian wore for her birthday last year.

Everything from the belly of the bear look wasn't immediately. Printed clothing was Chloe Moretz wegordin too busy tastes a little spark. And then there was the appearance of gold for gold is not Katy Stephens.
In regards to the dresses, Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland took the leap and paid off majorly. Although a little shabby dress made by Hailee Steinfeld we wish I went with something a bit younger.

What do you think of fashion awards show tonight?

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