Sunday, January 12, 2014

Home Remedies for Acne

Acne is a more serious problem in young boys and girls. They spend a lot of money for dermatologists to treat this problem. Why write this article save your expenses, but also the sensitive skin and very effective. Has picked up all the important and old home remedies for acne that was experienced by our ancestors.
These home amends for acne and skin clean, clean and bright. So here we are;
• Application of cinnamon powder with honey on the button before going to bed for two weeks. See that your warts have disappeared.[Beauty Supply]
• Apply orange peel powder as well as fresh water to get a free skin of buttons, button or acne.
• Lemon juice with nuts on the ground the best curative against acne.
• Better Mint juice acne. Leave on your pimples overnight to achieve the desired results.
• Paste of Greek clover leaves the better cure acne.
• Apply the turmeric [Pink lips]with neem powder leaves on the ground for half a 60 minutes about the buttons. This treatment of the acne also best treatment at home.
• Apply rose water with water lemon on the buttons for approximately 20 minutes helps to cure acne.
• Add a few beads of gamboge juice in altogether milk and wash your face with it twice a day to get rid of acne.
• Take the heart of tomato and its application in the field of acne of the face for twenty minutes for about two weeks to get acne free skin.
• Rosewater as well as sandalwood win remedy home acne. Apply daily for 15 minutes to get the best results.
• Ice from the Green scrub two times a day on the [Beauty online]area the acne on your face. This treatment of acne home treatment not only but also the sothins of the skin of the scars.
• Wash the face with toothpaste with apples and beloved for 3 weeks to get the results.
• Lemon juice scrub across the field of acne free skin facial. Never forget to dampen your face well before it makes the skin more sensitive to the Sun.
• Apply the paste of garlic [Lip Makeup]on acne on your face. This treatment of acne in the results.
• Apply honey on the buttons and then cover with a dressing for the night. You will see less blackheads on your face in the morning.
• Apply a paste made of aspirin tablets two to your acne-affected and find wonderful results acne.
• Cover your buttons with toothpaste, from one day to the next, {lipstick}searching for magic effects in the morning.
• Baking soda paste with water and will apply on acne buttons in no time.