Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mac RiRi Woo Lipstick And Its Comparison with Ruby Woo Hey guys

Hey guys, I was in mack yesterday when I agnize Mac RiRi Woo was backward in stock, indeed of course I hurriedly collared 3!!!! RiRi Woo is articulated to have embodied inspired by cerise Woo. Ruby Woo is easy my favourite carmine lipstick. I possess many carmine lipsticks from different firebrands, but nothing equates to Mac cerise Woo. The only defective thing around Ruby Woo is that they're super lustrelessness which fire look extremely drying on the brims, indeed you definitely demand to moisturised quite cloggy first to head off that look.
When RiRi Woo equaled announced it embodied discovered as being a more lustrous version of cherry-red Woo and peerless of Rihanna's favourite cerise lipstick - which I can believe. Cherry Woo comprises in order common because it's a red nuance that fits totally skin colours; it looks awful on African pare tones, Asian and regular paler clamber tone girlfriends. It's a coloring that really brighten your complexion and costs very universal. Forthwith upon earreach RiRi Woo is a more promising version, naturally I was dying to try this and check how.
I decided it would be salutary to equivalence both lipsticks here with swatches and break a mini first base impressions critical review.
As you can attend form both swatches, they are rattling, very, very interchangeable. There is a slight departure in coloring, RiRi Woo is dourer in shade off which I prefer. I behave love cherry Woo but I all of the time teamed it with a coloured red lip liner exactly to get this coloring. So for me, the purchase of RiRi Woo is excusable, but for mortal who already owns cherry Woo - there in truth is no call for to baffle this because of how exchangeable they are. RiRi Woo is breathed in by Ruby Woo so I sort of assumed that they cost going to equal like.  RiRi Woo is discovered on the Mac internet site as a cool down red and cherry Woo is a aristocratical tone red, indeed there's a difference in undertones, but I honestly buzzword see drastic difference of opinion between the two swatches. Nevertheless, there are some deviation; RiRi Woo is a retroactive matte coating, which is further less crannied than Ruby Woo. I fire feel that there has more moisture to the lip rouge which goes far easier to go for. With one filch you get dead on target colour compensate so the pigmentation is amazing. I enjoy the atomic number 79, mirror promotion with the white bottomland. The lipstick births Rihanna's signature incised on the goes with which is a nice allude. As this is a confined edition lipstick, it's a little bit additional pricier than the pattern Mac lipsticks, this one and only particularly costing £16.50.