Saturday, December 28, 2013

Skin care cosmetics: chemic flake

What is a chemical peel?
Is a generic term that includes many another types of chemical treatments to remove the superficial levels of the skin. The primary misconception in this regard that there has some "peeling". The idea of actual removal of one or more layers of the skin, according to the specific transaction in question. Therapy is most often applied to treat the answers of aging photos-est-a-dire simplest of damage that has occurred in the skin by the Sun. Can also assist to reduce maculae and crinkles, acne and acne scars. All this is imaginable because exfoliation promotes the development of the regeneration of cells and collagen, which enhance the appearing of the skin.Chemical skin Peel-how it works?
Treatment of the chemical solution is used to melt the layers of the skin and stimulates the regeneration and cell renewal. The solution is to apply a skin specialist-usually the face, back or chest and stays there for a while.The chemicals in the solution eliminates progressively dead cells that remain on the come on of the skin, the more bass peels can go further by eliminating the more bass layers as well. After applying the solution, the doctor will absent any remaining solution. They are also called chemical peeling, or agents.Chemical skin Peel is relatively easy for most patients. Sweeter than surface cobalt one products tingling as the solution starts to work, then that dermabrasion employment deeper solutions that have a psychedelic high incidence. This means that the solvent used in the deeper peels will numb the skin also works to prevent discomfort during the procedure.
When to make the chemical peeling?
Treatment gives superiority results when used in coincidence with other treatments. This allows to improve:
• Sun spots
• Wrinkles and fine lines
• Acne
• Acne scars
• Uneven skin texture
Damage due to the Sun
• Parasites and growth on the skin
What types of chemical product skin flaky?
There are a count of different products chemical skin Peel today, with each type of chemic solution on the skin. Choice depends on the required chemical processing. Recommend a good beautician peeling which will help in the treatment of skin problems. The widely used types:
• Peel acid alpha-hydroxy (AHA)
• Acid glycolic peels
• Medium peeling using trichloroacetic acid peels (TCA)
• Phenol peels
It is important to consult a plastic surgeon before obtaining the chemical skin Peel discourse. This procedure aims to restore and improve the texture and appearing of the skin. In the planning of treatment, your doctor will believe many things, including the type of skin problem, skin, health allergies. Then the Dr. and his team will receive the necessary info to help understand the procedure.

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