Monday, December 23, 2013

Welcome Winter, Farewell Dry Hair

 I have always had a special dry hair. Repeated use of a hair dryer clearly has not improved the situation. The fact it's worse yet the side effects of drying air in winter. As well as the inevitable home heating, we now have a better dried up, fragile hair formula! Therefore, recently I've searched for the perfect schemes and techniques to help hold my hair moisturized well during the winter.
Tip 1: wet, wet, wet!:
Condition your locks in every week with air conditioning hair with glycerine or various other homiktantes. Homiktantes lock in the wet in your hair, prevents dryness due to winter, heatings, as well as blow drying out. Personally, I created my own moisturizer and spray plant than Glycerin mixed with coconut oil India. However, there are various beauty products and conditioners for hair that you can buy which will answer the same design, in addition to be specifically designed for certain types of hair. Hot oil handlings also work very effective moisturizer and the brilliance of the parched locks.
Tip 2: Exchange your style gel cream:
Styling products are often a better alternative to your hair during the months of winter compared to gels in the design. They tend to increase moisture, making it more flexible, which can help reduce dryness and damage.
Tip 3: stand back from products with a high alcohol content:
Alcohol likely dry your hair and let it so brittle and dull. For this reason, the very fundamental move away from styling products with a level high alcohol during the winter. In addition, it was advised to stay away from rub the perfume and fragrance directly on your hair, since they also have high levels of alcohol.
Tip 4: minimize the use of hair dryers:
Hot air dryers are known to dry your hair. Already proposed generally reduce their use, but this is especially true for the winter. It would be a great way to reduce the period during which your hair damp remains under a dryer first make sure that cover you your hair with the towel to remove the greatest amount of water. Then, use the dryer to complete the task and stop when your hair your hair are more humid.
Item 5: use all elemental hair shampoo:
All products now widely available natural hair. Shampoos have the type of special subscription of your hair during the winter. Using healthful products, such as Shea butter, which is being also excellent for the skin, could do marvels even the driest, most spotted locks, are appreciated by many professional hairdressers such as "Jamal Hammadi.
Tip 6: design protection:
Finger comb and hair and enticing and appealing also often do not tend to do good hair. In fact, the manipulation of hair just absorbs moisture. Use similar protective styles for the top node or braids or any early hair styles efficaciously protect your hair for your car! This will also make looser to stop your hair from drying.
I hope that the use of these recommendations is helpful, you weather severe cold winter months and keep your hair hydrous and strong until the beautiful bounce.

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