Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall fashion 2014

From the food aisles in a galaxy far, far, combo fashion is 2014 just as many women who is
probably succumb to the charm of the collector.
Call it influence his opinion (or blame him gradually obsessed with fashion from the Iron Throne game), but the designers for the four cities under a dark Moody heroines apparently. In Dolce & Gabbana, dresses to get rid of this word for the forest. At Valentino, the headers and is surrounded by rodarti, Bern and provided printing Star Wars Princess Leia of the modern era.
While the normkori had intensified defense last season for the growing hype Street style, fashion, fall fashion of 2014 is full of ways to make statements. Don't forget to enter this season's flashbolbes shirt table is larger than life, parkas cover track robotic utilities Alexander Wang coats for pictorial for Burberry. At the same time, fur is back with a vengeance brilliantly colored, graduated in Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, and Crayola realized in altozara. Lanvin, Marni, the fur in the form of classes wrapped on everything from clothes, short blouses.
Accessories this season particularly playful, with everything from McDonald happy meal "cartons of milk inspirational handbags fall fashion for 2014 in Moschino and Chanel, respectively. There were fur sleeves in "Tory Burch", the Synod of the Crystal of platinum in Alexander McQueen and pleasant a Vivian ward in sneakers Versace staking their claim on Chanel again.
If the time to choose your poison ever, it would be now.

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