Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why I am a One-Product-in-My-Purse kindly from Girl

Why I type a product-in-ma-gate-currency girl
On weekends, I am not much carry makeup. I would like to break my bark a break when I'm not on a set loaded with blocks and baking hot under blistering lights. In addition, afresh MOM catch up with do not always breakthrough a place in blimey morning routine. Take a damp cloth in the micro-cook to warm up as soon as I had a facial treatment these days (at least that saves water). Let's face it, if I had to choose between making chips of turnip and put in the Foundation, will receive the vegetables every time.
Beauty journalists often ask what are the care products in my bag, and seems to be always overwritten when I assure it I have a lip balm and goose egg else. "But really, really, really great, lip balm," I say quickly, in an attempt to beginning the dashing hopes.
And it's great. Is "natural Neutrogena lip balm", $2.99 and can wax poetic on the subject for days. It is made with wax bee of 100% natural ingredients and jojoba, benny and olive oils. Smells alike paradise in the tube, and it is incredibly moisturizing. I carry everywhere. Not even need makeup Kit.
When I walk, I also along the Neutrogena Naturals "super secret new products I've tested I can't say much, but this changes the rules of the game!

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