Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spring fashion 2014: The top 10 trends on the runways this season

Spring mode 2014: top ten trends on runways this season
References to the hibernation side still feels like Spring awakening. Tracks this season presented a series of unique pairwise wake-up calls, the new approach seems to be feminine and dramatic.
Pink hood constantly re-emerging sport trend right, with the approval of the road and retro and low-slung bombers jerseys pan
ts it gives a new life. Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY were the bastions of this trend, ranging from head to foot in neoprene and nylon. Supplies of Marnie, in class and Steven Tai with the taste of sport, bringing glam of baseball on the top caps. Simply won't make the plain ole of Yankees ball cap (unless Younis).
The footprints, which are inspired by the art in particular, were the fury in the spring of 2014 MB prints for the large drawing mode stole the show at Celine, Chanel, Christian Dior, all pieces dynamic creation in homage to modern aesthetics. It would be wrong to ignore the layers of paint Prada, background color ushers Roy Lichtenstein in his creations custom by contemporary artists. Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana keep things & old school, preferring to push aesthetic rich embroidery Renaissance and details and iconography, contemporary through sheer fabrics and bare skin. In both cases, attested by the art of inspired bold and unexpected.
While pastels are something we usually associate with spring, they received new life through decorative ensembles by Burberry and Barbara Bui. And Oscar's la Renta showed webrabal Gurung, dresses in blue is not expected. Why go green when held set of spray will do?
Polish hits metal, often mixed with regard to the combination. Altazara liquid metal skirt forms were among the bozoorthi most seem to season - not only because of the liquidity, but thanks to its design with a striped silk shirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Lanvin embroidered jumpsuits, sent both glammed version loop casual evening dress.
While some trends to the left last year, spring fashion about 2014 all new. Reappeared in the 1990s, for the third consecutive year, this time with a minimum of taste.
Maybe this season after another mix of postmodernism: Department of defence of sportswear print tribal? Skirt liquid gold? Harvesting at the head of pastels? Skin baring outfits in head to toe pastel? Why not!

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