Monday, September 1, 2014

Emmys 2014: The 21 best dressed on the red carpet

And since 1976, "Primetime Emmy Award for" on Sun.
This year, the largest exhibition of award celebrating all things TV Monday to break with tradition and host, Seth Meyers made a point we have not forgotten it. He spent the pleasure to the truth and showing how easily this award exhibition is forgotten,
last night on the carpet events red and in the theatre, was far from memorable. Modern family brought home the award "best comedy series", but "breaching bad" swept four coveted, including "best actor" award in the drama and best abiding actor in a drama and best dramatic series. However, as we would be pleased to give the event playing last night, we are much more interested by what was happening on the Department of the Treasury on the red carpet. The aces of the bingioorthi production of shows Netflix addictions, we have even 21 better than Amy 2014 autour dressed stars.
There was a subtle reference to shadows fall 2014 the hottest red carpet this year, and my favorite color is definitely to go to red. Although roses appear here and there (girl opted for dress Oscar of Renta de Zooey Deschanel neon pink and "Cat Deeley", which are usually seen in long legs difference when hosting "so you think you will be able to dance", wore a stylish shadow Burberry dress '), in ensuring the dark red color of hot shade. While we are dead to see the colors of Julia Roberts to work (the original Lady in red) and there were so many beautiful ladies and we couldn't keep our eyes including five times winner of the Emmy Julia Louis-Dreyfus, (which was a steamy kiss with The Boy Orator of the Platte Cranston), Uzo GAB (wild-eyed cleans well!) and oh-so-elegant Jan Jones.
And for those who could not identify the color that you like the most, our fave TV celebrities have found a way to pitch the finest of some worlds. Kaley Cuoco not depart from her love for puffy dresses, pink floral appliques was sprinkled on his red tulle, but we like the newly dyed towheaded Lena Dunham "girly how dress shadow seemed to giambatista.
Tribute to Washington of Kerry to display current favourites and proved that the Orange is the new Black person. And see how stunning star actress scandal began to citrus hue, we couldn't agree more.
While there were many ladies swanking their assets (if you got it, spread, right? Hum, Vergara Sofia), proven high collar to make as much news to turn the head on the welcome mat yesterday evening. We couldn't get enough more wonderful how Kaplan has appeared in a black and white Donna Karan dress, but if we call a favorite, you will need to give it a "Michelle Dockery" because he was absolutely gorgeous in a block of color assulin Rosie.

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