Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to find the ecological layers

Having a child brings the amount of things you can throw five times. It is amazing how such small waste can generate. And do my dearest to keep my family garbage to a minimum. Example: layers. Supposed to be respectful of the environment means having to use cloth or compost them at my - none was super fun. I love maternity, but I did not need to spend a moment of multiple layers of treatment that you're already doing.

After a little research I found two large companies.

One of them is gdiabers, which makes these pants super cute reusable cotton with the inclusion of free chlorine which can scan or even composted dye and fragrance when it is wet. Genius!

The service is called, we ended up deciding the blessed bums. "For a monthly fee, you get layers nature bamboo-bamboo layers with an eco-label"Nordic Swan"for security and sustainability - and wipes to your door every week. At the same time, they take your sales and wipes layers for fertilizers. And if you're really in a variety of fabric, you can order layers in organic cotton 100% instead, possibly to provide a package in the long term.

You have any good tips to reduce your household waste? Tell me!

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