Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Global beauty fashion week clover canyon

Stunning viewing from anywhere in the world

Looks varied inspiration behind the most beautiful beauty in the fashion week

Architectural hair "Japan" in keeping with the theme of the group Japanese to Tibi, designer riseri franc added a touch to the traditional headdress of right. For the so-called "appearance clean and neat, most of the architecture, and was separated the hair down to the Center front locking holding away from face using an elastic cord on top of the head." They give a modern feature, add a slight curve at the back of the hair, leaving the straight ends, taking care to tame any biennium spray a fine comb with Aveda air control and add "Aveda dry oil treatment" to keep the shiny hair.

Makeup of the Egyptian Queen:

Cushnie and Ochs theme was the Egyptian kings, gave a global makeup artist Maybelline yadm models Carranza in sketch of black cat, which he delineated as "Cleopatra goes to Hamptons."

For an overview of the modern era of Cleopatra, kept a clean face, yadm small contour the cheeks, before turning his attention to the eyes. It applies to a Maybelline eye Studio color tattoo 24 hours leather "shadow" cream-gel "dramatic" black painted in thick, straight - across the line on the upper eyelid. To balance the eye "BOLD", eyebrows and yadm filled past the lips of lip balm 'baby' at the koinchid on the eyelids to add a bit of shine.

Inspired by the sumo wrestler node:

Hairdressing salon 'Beta Orlando' create the node neat and organized the spring collection of Carolina Herrera, who was influenced by the Japan. For what Orlando called sumo wrestler 'node', he generously apply spray finishing hold biosilk company "before pulling the hair in the ponytail flying. Once the ponytail was sure, spritzed more lacquer on the node where the own stand. Then, it ended with a shine serum.

Makeup for African safaris:

Group inspired by African Safari by Ralph Lauren is a mixture of colourful camouflage trousers and blouses in classic cuts with pop fixed colors as vivid evening dresses and jewelry oversized. Following the theme of the Safari glam, makeup artist Picco Tom bronze skin, sunny cheeks and peachy. To add a glow, apply a line of powder shimmer gold for internal corners of the eyes and along the lower lashalini, chose to keep the mouth with a bit of kabstik.

Makeup and hairstyles for the Pacific Islands:

Polynesian inspired floral prints and dresses of silk in Thakoon given Island vibe under water, with the ocean of inspiration makeup and hairstyles. Make-up artist Diane Kendal create matte makeup "just out of the water" look, and the stylist with odile Gilbert went pulled back wet apparently style.

Makeup, skin glowing Kendall focused, prepared with light cream moisturizing skin research and brightening concentrate optimization before applying the concealer and Foundation. To give your eyes glitter, she applied triple research x lipgloss "on the eyelids.

To get the same look of wet hair, apply the Kérastase temptress form or Gilbert from the top of the head to mi hair length. After these adjustments, I took two small sections of hair on the sides of the head and connected to a node in the back duplicate. To end the search, they apply "flashing call" before setting up with lacquer.

Makeup of the gardens of Kyoto:

Makeup of Pamela Roland created by "molaoizada Matan at Laura Mercier, following as is script as a collection of designer inspired by the Japan.

See cherry blossom pink very light skin with molaoizada and centered on the exaggerate the cheeks. After applying "Laura Mercier face colour stick mines Bonn bronze glow" on top of the cheeks and around the eyes and then used 'cream cheek color' in the egg on the top bronzer in and around the eyes, eyebrows and the Temple bone, avoiding Apple cheeks. Longer apply 'cheeks cream-colored on Oleander eyes. and cheeks before adding the marker on the cheekbones and forehead

Eyes got a dust of rich brown color along the eyelid, which works out to mimic the branches of trees, and cherry blossom lips "lip Gg layer" in the "nude" with color baby cheek pressed on top.

Node of the forest in Southeast Asia:

TRESemmé stylist Jeanie create wet hairstyle Sipho, sew a double mirror and flowers native to Southeast Asia, cascades that gathered in clover Valley.

Prepare the hair with Tresemmé thermic creations volumizing mousse, Sipho create a deep side part on the right side of the head and the hair in two ponytails lump at the base of the head and the Crown. To undo the knots, and she twisted the ponytail to the right of one and the other to the left before installing outdoors. He painted "almost all large companies" on the front of the hair along the edge of each node in the moist air.

Tribal nail of the Nepal:

Nail soon Choi Jin "to wonder designer prabal Gurung collection inspired by the Nepalese people. From a layer of clear base, Choi saved color thin horizontal lines, painting, the other on the left side of the screws only two in each hand. Each model comprised painted with one of the three colors after the release of the Sally Hansen (you find them in stores from March, 2015), in the colours Turquoise and fishing wekhzami to perform the tribal as a coating on the nails.

Hairdresser and make-up artists manikoristes get their inspiration is everywhere - from the local market to the gardens of Tokyo. Lately, it seems that this is the last trend-more exotic and remote control, the better.

New York fashion week spring ' in 2015, and designers displayed their impact around the world. " The atmosphere of African Safari at Ralph Lauren for Nepalese square prabal Gurung tribal, looks like this beauty we had travel (travel time) without having to leave the tents of fashion.

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