Monday, September 8, 2014

Statement lips and eyes: 5 Beauty Panel tips for pulling off both at the same time

Eyes and lips of declaration: 5 tips "Billboard beauty" to withdraw both simultaneously
Subtlety is frequently at the centre in the world of beauty. A mild sunburn eyeliner lip task there is barely and of course the eye makeup is as popular as ever, and it seems that less comprises usually more. Sometimes, we cannot help but apply an additional layer (or three) mascara or Lash of lipstick Berry deep before go us to the door. Lips Kylie Jenner full of celebrities without eyes cat fault, we were inspired by the stars who aren't afraid of a little joy, and apparently we are not alone. This week, we asked our panel of beauty "sharing their statement by Rock favorite eyes and lips concurrently. He shows us how to wear the "BOLD" look without falling in excess.

The winged coating combined with the classic red lip, smoky eyes and lipstick shiny Berry, our «beauty» panel shows how to remove a daring to look on ease.

challenge 75: How can you wear an eyes and lips concurrently? See answers now! »

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